The Importance of Proper Air Circulation

The Importance of Proper Air Circulation

Proper air circulation is an important part of indoor growing. If you don’t have proper air circulation, it can invite in pests and problems into your grow. You may also need an exhaust fan to pull the hot air away from your grow light. So let’s discuss the benefits of having proper air flow in your grow area.

Pest & Disease Prevention

A bonus to having good air circulation is it helps to prevent against Powdery Mildew, Bud Rot, Spidermites and Fungus Gnats. It doesn’t guarantee they won’t happen but it greatly reduces the risks. These pests and diseases thrive in slightly different conditions but they all like stagnant air. So, by having proper air flow, it helps eliminate their optimal conditions.

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Creating the Optimal Environment

Cannabis plants love a gentle breeze that moves the air around but isn’t directly on the plant. Ideally, you would have oscillating fans blowing above, below and through the canopy. This will create proper circulation of air, which helps to speed up plant growth. If you are running a High Pressure Sodium light or any high watt grow light, you will also want to have an exhaust fan to pull the hot air away from the light. If you notice that your grow area reaches above 85°F/29°C in a regular basis, you may want to consider adding an exhaust fan to your setup.

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Avoiding Windburn

Windburn occurs when the plant is getting too much wind directly on it. So, you want to be sure not to aim your fans directly on the plants, especially if it’s a stationary fan. Just aim them at a wall and out will bounce off and still reach your plants. Oscillating fans also help because they’re constantly changing direction.

Windburn most commonly causes clawed leaf tips. This is when the leaves curl downward creating a claw like appearance. This is similar looking to the drooping leaves of an over watered or under watered plant or nitrogen toxicity. It can also cause spots on leaves in brown or bronze.

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