Keeping an Ideal Grow Environment for Cannabis

Keeping an Ideal Grow Environment for Cannabis

When growing indoors, it’s important to keep an ideal grow environment for your cannabis. The conditions change slightly during different stages of growth. The more consistent the conditions, the easier it is for the plant to photosynthesize and grow. There are 5 different aspects of an ideal environment: Light, Temperature, Humidity, pH Level & Air Circulation.

Adequate Light

You want to provide your plants with an adequate amount of light so that they can thrive. Aim to give each plant between 50-100 true watts. You can use more watts than this but this is the minimum for good results. By providing your plants with proper lighting, they can flourish and grow quickly. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get adequate light for your plants. For some options, please check out my post: Grow room options for every budget


The ideal temperature ranges change throughout the life cycle of the cannabis plant. They like it to be warmer when they’re seedlings and as they get older, they need less warm temperatures. Then in flower, keeping it lower is better to preserve the terpenes. Keeping temperatures in check can be difficult if you have a hot grow light. This is where proper air circulation and exhaustion come in handy. I’ll cover that in the Air Circulation section. Ideal Temperatures:

  • Seedling/Vegetative Stage – 70°-85°F/20°-30°C
  • Flowering Stage – 65°-80°F/18°-26°C
  • Late Flower – Avoid going above 80°F/26°C as this can burn off terpenes


Humidity needs change throughout the life cycles of the plant. They tend to like it more humid when they’re just starting out. You can slowly reduce the humidity by about 5% each week until you reach 40%. It’s easier to achieve higher humidity once there’s some vegetation on the plant. In flowering, you want to keep the humidity lower, especially on the final weeks. This helps to decrease chances of bud rot and is said to increase trichome production. Ideal Humidity:

  • Seedling Stage – ~70% RH, you can slowly reduce this by about 5% per week until you reach 40%
  • Vegetative Stage – 40-60% RH
  • Flowering Stage – 40-50% RH
  • Late Flower – <40% RH

For more Tips for adjusting your environment please click the link.

PH Level

It is important to key your pH levels within the acceptable range for your growing medium. If you don’t, you can run into a whole lot of issues including deficiencies. Depending on what growing medium you are using, there are different ranges that are acceptable for proper nutrient uptake. You can give a slight range so that the variance helps other nutrients absorb better or you can find a set pH level to keep it at where all nutrients can be absorbed. Ideal pH Levels:

  • Soil – 6.0-7.0 or 6.5
  • Hydro/Coco/Soilless medium – 5.5-6.5 or 5.8

If you’d like to know more about The importance of pH levels for your plants please click the link.

Air Circulation

Giving your plants proper air circulation has amazing benefits to your grow. It can help prevent pests and problems, it can keep the heat down in your grow room and it can help your buds fatten up. Cannabis plants are wind pollinated, so the more wind, the more they put out bigger buds to get pollinated. If you have a hot grow light such as a High Pressure Sodium light, you will need to have an extraction fan that exhausts the hot air out of the grow room. You should also have 1-2 oscillating fans in the grow room. One that is under or at canopy level and one that is at the top of the canopy or slightly above it. You can aim them towards each other to create a cyclone like circulation. For more information about The Importance of Proper Air Circulation please click the link.

Now, you know the ranges to keep an ideal grow environment for cannabis. Once you’ve mastered staying within these conditions, it can make growing a breeze. Happy Growing!

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