How to Calculate the Costs for Your Grow

How to Calculate the Costs for Your Grow

Learning how to calculate the costs for your grow is a very helpful tool for deciding whether or not you should start growing your own cannabis. It quite easy once you know how. So, let’s get started.

Electricity Costs for Your Grow

Is growing your own really worth it? Learning how to calculate electricity costs can help answer that. So, it’s good to know there’s a way you can calculate exactly what it will cost you. First, you’ll need a recent bill that has the rate you pay per kilowatt hour or kWh. Then, you can calculate the cost of each item in your grow room and then add them all together to get a final cost.

How to Calculate Electricity Costs 

Follow these steps to calculate your cost of electricity:

  1. Find the wattage label on your piece of equipment to find out how many watts it uses. (ex. 600W light, 65W fan, 50W humidifier)
  2. Multiply the wattage by the number of hours it runs in a day (ex. 600W × 18hrs = 10,800W per day)
  3. Divide the wattage per day by 1,000 to get the kWh per day (ex. 10,800W ÷ 1,000 = 10.8 kWh per day)
  4. Multiply your answer by the number of days you want to measure (ex. 10.8 kWh × 30 days = 324 kWh per month/billing cycle)
  5. Finally, multiply the kWh from previous answer by the cost per kWh (ex. 324 kWh x 0.34/kWh = $110.16) Note: There may be multiple rates for kWh for ON peak, MID peak and OFF peak hours
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all equipment in your grow room and add it all together to find out how much your grow will cost you

Another deciding factor in whether or not to grow is how much it will cost to start up. After completing our first grow, I can give you a list of my supplies and their cost. Keep in mind, the prices may vary based on location. This list does not include a grow tent as we were able to use a spare room. But, I will also include the prices I’ve found for a 4’×4’×5′ grow tent, 4 inch inline exhaust fan, fan controller, carbon filter, ducting, and tape.

Start Up Costs for Your Grow

  • Light kit – 600w MH & HPS bulbs, hood reflector, ballast, timer and rope ratchet ($227 taxes & shipping included)
  • 6 Feminized Autoflower Seeds ($80 taxes & shipping included)
  • 2 Fans: 1 oscillating, 1 stationary ($56.48 taxes included)
  • Four 5 gallon traditional pots and trays ($31.64 taxes included)
  • 42.5L bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil & 30L bag of Gaia Green Living Soil ($62.15 taxes included)
  • 2 500g Gaia Green Organic dry amendments; one 4-4-4 all purpose & one 2-8-4 power bloom ($29.28 taxes included)
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer ($19.20 taxes included)
  • Two 12pks of wide mouthed 1L/32oz Mason jars for curing ($33.88 taxes included)
  • Cool mist humidifier ($45.19 taxes included)
  • Misc. hardware for hanging equipment ($15)
  • Ties for LST ($10)
  • Lemon juice for pH down & Molasses for late flowering ($10)
  • Electricity & water costs for entire first grow ($252.57)

Total Start Up Cost: $872.39CAD

  • 4’×4’×5′ Mylar grow tent ($203.39 taxes & shipping included)
  • 4 inch inline exhaust fan & 4 inch carbon filter with fan controller, ducting and tape ($203.35 taxes & shipping included)

Total Cost for Tent & Exhaust System: $406.74CAD

Total Start Up Cost with Tent & Exhaust System: $1,279.13CAD

While that may seem like a lot up front to invest, it will save you a ton of money in the future. For example, our first grow we had 4 autoflowering plants which grew from seed to harvest in roughly 3 months. As a result, we harvested 11 ounces dry weight and 3.5 ounces of trim & popcorn/little buds that can be made into edibles, oils or hash. This is almost enough cannabis to last us an entire year! If you figure the price we were paying per oz prior to growing was between $160-$190/oz depending if the site had any sales. Even on the low end at $160, 11 ounces would cost $1,760. That means even with the start up costs, we’ve broken even and saved money just with our first grow.

Surprisingly, we would have still saved money if we bought a tent with the exhaust system. This just goes to show you that the investment is worth it. We will be investing in the tent & exhaust system for our second grow as it was hard to conceal the smell when we grew it in the room that we chose. I will be purchasing it from the same website that I ordered my grow light from. They are not compensating me in any way; I just think they have good products at good prices.

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