How to Amend Your Medium with Gaia Green

How to Amend Your Medium with Gaia Green

Why Amend Your Medium with Gaia Green?

The main reason to amend your medium with Gaia Green is that it saves you money. Who doesn’t want to save money? I know that I always look for ways to save when growing cannabis at home. So, let’s dive into how much it can actually save you and why that is important for your grow. 

Saving Money to Invest Into Your Grow

Growing can be costly if you don’t look for ways to save money. I personally try to look for ways to save on every aspect of growing. Re-amending your medium is a great way to save money. If you spend say $60-75CAD on your medium, if you re-amend that medium three times, you’ll be saving $180-225CAD. You can invest that money into your grow for supplies. For example, you could buy seeds, use it towards a light upgrade or grow tent.

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How to Prep the Medium

Before amending your medium, you’ll need to take out any large clumps of roots. I simply use my hands to shake off the medium from the roots until there is only a little bit of small roots left. In time, the smaller roots will break down into usable nutrients. Once you’ve removed as much of the roots as possible, you can add some perlite to the mix. This helps to improve the drainage of the medium. I like to aim for about 10%-15% perlite in the mix. This will give your medium adequate drainage.

How to Amend Your Medium with Gaia Green

**Please Note: These measurements are for Gaia Green ONLY. Down to Earth or Dr.Earth are good alternatives if you’re not able to find Gaia Green. But, these alternative brands may have slightly different instructions and/or measurements.**

When you are mixing the medium and dry amendments, it’s best to use protective equipment such as gloves and a mask. Although these things aren’t actually harmful, you don’t want to be breathing in the dust from them either. The gloves are to prevent any possible skin irritation. These are just precautionary measures that are recommended by Gaia Green. I have personally mixed without gloves before and had no skin irritation, but it’s better to be safe.

You can mix the medium and amendments in a large storage tote, large container or wheelbarrow to make it easier to mix. As a result, this will reduce the mess from mixing. I use an old storage tote and it’s perfect because I can store any leftover medium until I need it. It is best if you break up any clumps of both medium and amendments. Thus, promoting a more smooth and even mixture.


Add 3 tbsp per gallon of medium (70/30 All Purpose 4-4-4, Power Bloom 2-8-4) Ex. 10.5 tbsps 4-4-4, 4.5 tbsps 2-8-4 for 5 gallons


Add 3 tbsp per gallon of medium (70/30 All Purpose 4-4-4, Power Bloom 2-8-4) Ex. 10.5 tbsps 4-4-4, 4.5 tbsps 2-8-4 for 5 gallons

If you’d like to know more about Growing Organic Cannabis using Gaia Green Organic Dry Amendments, please follow the link.

Why Gaia Green?

I personally chose Gaia Green because they were a Canadian company and I was already interested in growing using organic nutrients. Also, the nutrients are afforable and economical (top dress every 4 weeks). Finally, they were available at our local hydroponic store. After using their products for 3 years, I am still happy about my choice. We’ve been able to grow autoflowers that yielded a quarter pound from a single plant. Needless to say, I’m very happy with the results.

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  1. Hi thanks for all your articles. Do you use RO water or another filtration system to get rid of your chlorine/chloramines?

    1. Hi, I just let the water sit out for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine in my municipal tap water. You can use RO water or distilled water as well. Hope this helps

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