Harvesting, drying, trimming and curing your cannabis plants

Harvesting & drying Harvesting your cannabis plants properly is a waiting game. It’s important to be patient in the last few weeks of flower, so you get the most out of your hard work. You’ll want to invest in a jeweler’s loupe or digital microscope to take the guesswork out of when to harvest. These devices are used to view […]

Caring for your plants: seedling to flower

Temperature & humidity Now that you have successfully germinated your seeds, it’s time to care for the resulting seedlings that sprouted. At the beginning of their life, seedlings need to be checked on regularly and prefer the warmer more humid end of the ideal ranges for vegetation. If this is your first or second grow, this is especially important. The […]

Growing organic cannabis using Gaia Green organic dry amendments

Growing organically It saves money Growing organic cannabis means knowing exactly what’s going into your plant. Rather than getting the nutrients from synthetic or chemical sources; they get them from organic material like worm castings, kelp meal or bat guano. The Gaia Green organic slow release nutrient blends are designed to feed the soil which feeds your plants over a […]


What strain should I grow?

When choosing what strain of marijuana you want to grow, it comes down to what YOU want. There are 2 different types of marijuana plants: Photoperiod & Autoflowering. First, you’ll need to decide which of these best suits your needs. Here are some key differences between photoperiod plants and autoflowering plants. Photoperiod Can control when they begin flowering by switching […]