Composting for your cannabis plants

What is composting? Composting is nature’s way of recycling. It is the process of breaking food and plant waste down into usable soil. Microorganisms break down organic matter in the pile into available nutrients, ready for plants to absorb. This process can take weeks to months depending on what you compost. The end result is a nutrient dense soil that […]

A breath of fresh air, Fusion Breath

Rating Appearance – 8/10 Efficiency – 9/10 Quiet operation – 8/10 Quality – 9/10 Ease of installation – 9/10 Overall Rating: 8.6/10 What’s included: 6 inch Fusion Breath 460 CFM inline fan Fan speed controller (optional) 6 inch Fusion Breath 304 CFM carbon filter Pre-filter insert 6 inch ducting; 12′ (optional) Aluminum tape (optional) Appearance The fan housing is a […]

Review of Jack Herer

About the strain Jack Herer is a sativa dominant hybrid that is named after a marijuana activist of the same name. It was created in mid 1990s in the Netherlands. Now, it’s a well known medical- grade strain. Rating (0-10) Appearance: 7/10 Smell/Taste: 7/10 Head buzz: 8/10 Body buzz: 7/10 Pain relief: 8/10 Mood: 8/10 Appearance The appearance of the […]

Caring for your plants: seedling to flower

Temperature & humidity Now that you have successfully germinated your seeds, it’s time to care for the resulting seedlings that sprouted. At the beginning of their life, seedlings need to be checked on regularly and prefer the warmer more humid end of the ideal ranges for vegetation. If this is your first or second grow, this is especially important. The […]