I created this blog with the hope that I could persuade at least one person to start growing their own cannabis at home. You can grow your very own medicine at home in 3-6 months for a reasonable price. I believe that everyone should have access to alternative medicine. If you don’t need it medicinally, then you can still grow top quality bud at home for yourself. I started growing shortly after legalization in Canada because I wanted to have my own medicine at home without having to go through the waiting to get my medical card or waiting on the OCS.

I’ve been using cannabis for 11 years to help with my anxiety, depression, migraines and insomnia. I find it helps me tremendously and I wanted to spread the word that cannabis can help YOU too. Now, cannabis isn’t for everyone, just like anything. But, if you enjoy using it or think you might benefit from it medicinally, then I’m here to help you get your own home grow started. I hope to help anyone that wants help getting their grow started. Let’s start growing together!

Marijuana Mama 420