Appearance – 8/10

Efficiency – 9/10

Quiet operation – 8/10

Quality – 9/10

Ease of installation – 9/10

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

What’s included:

  • 6 inch Fusion Breath 460 CFM inline fan
  • Fan speed controller (optional)
  • 6 inch Fusion Breath 304 CFM carbon filter
  • Pre-filter insert
  • 6 inch ducting; 12′ (optional)
  • Aluminum tape (optional)


The fan housing is a light grey, durable steel and feels very solid. The fan and filter are rather large but fit well in my 4×4×6.5 tent without taking up too much space. The appearance of the combo is very nice but there are definitely more sleek, modern looking ones on the market. It is a great starter combo for new growers who are just starting out.


This combo really packs a punch. We have a Vivosun 100 CFM 6 inch booster fan for our intake fan and set our extraction fan between low and medium speed. Even with these settings, it creates a great amount of negative pressure on the tent. This is great because it keeps the smell in the tent. I love this combo because it was economically priced while still being a well-built, quality product.

Quiet operation

We ended up having to place our exhaust fan on the outside of the tent. I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet operation. There is some noise from the fan but it’s definitely minimal. The exhaust fan was mounted to a board which was mounted to the wall with some foam between to reduce vibration. We also secured the filter to the tent using ratchet straps to reduce vibration and it probably contributes to the lack of noise.


This combo is truly top quality equipment at affordable prices. For $220CAD you can buy an entire exhaust system for your grow tent (minus an intake fan). I was a little worried when I ordered them because I had never heard of the company before. This worry was put to rest immediately after testing the fan. It has some real power to it and feels well constructed.

Ease of installation

This product was extremely easy to set up. It was straight forward and has clear instructions included. We took a little longer to set it up because we had to cut a piece of board to mount the exhaust fan to prior to mounting to the wall. To reduce vibration, we also made a sheet of foam to go between the board and the wall. We also used ratchet straps to hang the carbon air filter to reduce vibration and lower noise levels.


In conclusion, I really like this product combo because it’s cheap enough for a first time grower to afford. While the quality ensures your ability to use this combo well into your growing journey. I would highly recommend this product because they are well made and will last you a while at a very affordable price. So, if you’re looking for a fan and filter combo, check out the kits at growlights.ca.

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